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 The Tools I Use to Go to Events For The Low

 The Tools I Use to Go to Events For The Low

I'm always asked:

  • How are you able to go to all of the concerts?
  • How were you and your kids able to go to the museum or musical?
  • How were you invited to that event?

It's simple. Here are the tools I use to get the 411 on events and get low-cost tickets to concerts and museums. 

  • Groupon is a great resource to use for discounted tickets to concerts, museums, vacations or hotels, etc. But, you can get cash back from those things you purchase on Groupon. Ebates could become your best friend. I deleted the Groupon app on my phone so I can always get cash back on my purchases from Groupon. That's how serious it is. Ebates is life! Click here to check out Ebates.
  • Goldstar is another resource if Groupon doesn't have certain tickets or if I know I can get it cheaper. I've purchased some great concert, comedy show, and musical tickets from Goldstar. I've seen Babyface for $35 and it was MAGICAL. You can check it out at goldstar.com or download the app.
  • Eventbrite is not only used to go to paid events. You can use it to search for events that are going on within your area and in your industry. It's a great way to find good networking events. You can download the app and visit eventbrite.com
  • MeetUp is a new one for me. They have groups you can join and stay updated on events in your area. Some groups are filled with professionals to work with and just regular people to meet up with for a kid's playdate. Visit meetup.com for more information.
  • Last one...call-in to your local radio stations to get free tickets to events in your city. I've won free money and concert tickets from radio stations. I used to call one new radio station in particular (I really miss that station) and I won $100 and received two tickets to the Bad Boy Reunion. The Bad Boy Reunion was a once in a lifetime childhood dream. 

If you have any tools you would like to share, please feel free to leave a comment. Share the knowledge, I love it.

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