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The Elements of Quebec City

The Elements of Quebec City

Quebec City was never written on my 'Places to Visit' Checklist. Of course, Canada is a country I wanted to visit, but mostly popular cities such as Toronto, Montreal, even Ottawa. To be honest, I didn't know know anything about Quebec City. If it wasn't for Rachel Hill of Rachel Travels and the Women In Travel Summit, I wouldn't have experienced such a beautiful place. 

To visit Quebec City it would be cheaper to take a train or bus from Toronto, Montreal, or Ottawa. You can only fly into Quebec City's airport by propeller, jet, or small plane.

Quebec City has so many different elements. You have:

  • Old Quebec - old town Europe

  • Downtown Quebec - technology driven area

  • Saint Roch - contemporary, artistic area

  • Ile d'Orleans - countryside, farms, and barnyards

  • Petit-Champlain and Place Royale - cobblestone, pedestrian streets, medieval look

  • Faubourg Saint - Jean Baptiste - a ton of great restaurants and small businesses

This French-Canadian city is full of great food, history, and is becoming more diverse. Check out places to stay, where to eat, and where to visit in this Quebec City Travel Guide.

 The Tools I Use to Go to Events For The Low

 The Tools I Use to Go to Events For The Low

Websites to Visit to Find Cheap Airfare

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